Potty Training for a Dog Should Be Fun

Potty training for dog

The key to successful potty training for a dog is all in the supervision. Like your child, you have to notice the signs when your dog has to go to the bathroom. Sniffing or scratching at the door is many common signs that relate that your dog has the urge.

Get Excited

Praise your dog for doing the right thing. Ask your dog in an excited voice: Do you have to go outside? Lead him to the door that you always want him to go to and when he does his business outside reward him with praise and a healthy treat doesn’t hurt this will help when potty training for a dog.

When Duty Calls

When there are times that your schedule makes it impossible to watch your puppy, it should be confined to a small place, thus teaching it to wait until the proper time. Most dogs can be trained to wait, but it is a dangerous risk to take as you might end up with more than you bargained for upon your trip home.

Keeping Him on Schedule

In order to have consistent potty training for a dog, you must keep him on a schedule which means you must be on a schedule as well. Take your dog out first thing in the morning even before you get that first cup of coffee and take him out the last thing at night and many times in between. Ensure that your dog learns to follow the schedule by keeping it the same. Feeding him at a certain time will also assist in potty training for a dog because if your dog eats on a regular schedule, the rest comes naturally.

Stay with Him

Make sure that your puppy does not feel the anxiety of being separated from its owner. Instead, stay with your dog while they use the facilities and offer encouraging words and sounds much like those heard in public washrooms. Try not to create a chaotic environment as this is a very trying process that requires a lot of patience. Instead, just be there for your best friend in the hour of need.

They may just sit outside on the porch staring in, or they may just walk around not know what to do or he may become distracted and forget why he was out there. So go out with your dog and tell him what he is supposed to be doing and where.

Your dog will also likely have an accident at one spot and time of day. Ensure that you follow proper disciplinary procedure and do not over-scold your dog. Potty training for a dog does not include excessive or unwarranted scolding as that will inevitably associate itself with the entire bathroom experience for your pooch. You want to, instead, install positive reinforcement so that your dog associates using the bathroom with something good.

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